Week Two - Class is canceled due to inclement weather
Syllabus Modifications
  • All current events will be pushed off a week. I will hold the discussion group around the data article next week. Michelle, please bring your article in to distribute with the group next week (2/4) for discussion the following week (2/11).
  • The Philosophy of Assessment assignment will be assigned for homework next week (2/4), and will be due on the 11th.
  • For next week (2/4): There are no supplementary articles to read. Please do continue reading the assigned pages in the book (pages 61 - 81).
  • Your response to the Blog Topic will need to be posted to your blog. Feel free to use the article on Data that I distributed last week to help frame your answer.

In addition, please email me with the following information:
  • An email address, current teaching position or job title, and school district where you are currently working. The "Classroom Assessment Paper" requires collaboration within your building and with the other GED 550 Class from Centenary. I need to collaborate with the teacher and share information - Please reply to this email with the information requested, including which email address that you would like to use for the assignment.

Blog Update and Google Reader
I produced two video tutorials (screencasts) that will walk you through setting up your Google Reader account. The advantage of Google Reader is simple: instead of going to seven different blog sites to read the updated posts, you go to one page (google reader) and read all the recent posts from there. Not only does this save you time, but it makes things more efficient as you add material from other resources (my example in the second tutorial below includes NY Times).

Watch the tutorials and give it a try. This was going to be my Technology piece of the week. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reply to this email or bring them in next week.

RSS Session - Part 1 (approx 4 min 30 sec, 14.5 MB):

RSS Session - Part 2 (approx 4 min 30 sec, 17.5 MB):

If you are interested in the software that I used to create these screencasts, you can check it out here:

It is a free download, allows for a five minute recording session, and is great for extending instruction outside of the classroom.

Here is a challenge: Can you grab the feed from the wikispace and add it to your google reader?