Week 15 - Final Project Presentation

Understanding by Design
- Using Understanding by Design (pptx)
- Sample Curriculum Unit (doc)

Big Ideas
Authentic Education
Media Education: Helping Children in a Hyper-Mediated Environment
Giving Traditional Assessment a Formative Facelift
What is the Big Idea?
Put Understanding First
Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Electronic Portfolios
- Electronic Portfolios
Balancing Accountability with Learning through Electronic Portfolios
Electronic Portfolios - Getting Started with Google Sites
Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Porfolios
Electronic Portfolios - Samples

Redmond Working Portfolios
The Electronic Portfolio Boom: What's it all about?
Electronic Portfolios and Digital Storytelling for Lifelong and Life Wide Learning

Constructivism Approach - Through Professional Development
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Assessment Tools for the Classroom
Link for Screencast

Excerpts from Making Standards Useful in the Classroom
Excerpts from Making Standards Useful in the Classroom
. 2007. Marzano and Associates. 3 May 2009 <ocic-ok.org/DownloadableContentHandler.ashx?mediaId=5aa08d30-b079-4f64-a4d9-6a937bc77938>.

Teachings of: R. Marzano Classroom Assessment & Grading that Work
Doucet, K. "Assessment Packet (Teachings of: R. Marzano Classroom Assessment & Grading that Work)." 2007. www.ezclasssites.com/data/mrdoucet/Progress%20Assessment%20Packet.doc.

Your Ticket Into Literate Conversation is Your Question
Haag, Karen. Half Hollow Hills; Your Ticket Into Literate Conversations is Your Question. 03 May 2009

Project Based Learning
- Project Based Learning with Rube Goldberg

Project Based Learning Handbook
Implementing Project-Based Instruction
Project Based Learning @ Wikipedia
Why Do Project Based Learning?
Project Based Learning Space: Background
Evaluation of Project Based Learning

Special Education Analysis: Utilization of Standardized Assessments to Further Student Achievement in your Class
Accommodations and Modifications of Test Administration Procedures for Statewide Assessment
Teach for the test?
No Child Left Behind (NJ)

NCTE Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment

Into the 21st Century
High Schools that Work
Partnership for 21st Century Skills -> Route 21
NJ 2009 CCCS Revision Project (pdf)