Week 14

What Else?
What else would you like to learn more about? Place your questions below in the list below!
  • When you survey students, parents, and teachers, what types of questions do you ask?
  • I would like to know more about interpreting scores from the NJASK (from when we downloaded that huge file from the NJEA website).
  • How do you convince teachers that are set in their ways, that formative assessments can be even more informative than only traditional summative assessments(KK)?
  • The incorporation of 21st century skills in instruction requires reexamining our instructional strategies and adopting new approaches to teaching. How do we sell these new approaches to our admin., other teachers in our dept., and to our faculty (KK)?
  • How do you feel about changing typical grading on report cards (A,B,C,D,F) into more of an evaluation type of reflection? With so much differentiation and individual learning plans, do you think a change would be a more informative way of expressing a child's level and ability? (EV)
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Exit Card Questions

Time Warp Class Activity
Group 1 Results

Group 2 Results

  • Interactive Journal (Blog) - Due 5/6
  • Individual Final Project and Presentations - Due 5/6