Week 11

Essential Questions

  • What are the essential components of curriculum documents?
  • How does one judge the effectiveness of curriculum?

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Curriculum Activity
  • Evaluate your own curriculum for the essential or key components. What are they? Record on a small whiteboard.
  • Pair up with someone else in the class, not necessarily by grade level or subject area, and share your results. Together, record the key components of your curricula on a large whiteboard to share with the rest of the class.
  • Choose a school district from the list found at the bottom of this page and research your same grade level / subject area. Compare and contrast your large whiteboard list with the other district's. Use a different color marker to write-in differences and underline similarities.

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Reflection Questions
  • What would you like to see in a curriculum?
  • What changes would you make?
  • What would stay the same?
  • What are the "Essential Elements"?

Group Share and Group Discussion
  • Group sharing of boards
  • How does one judge the effectiveness of a curriculum? Who makes this judgment? And how?
  • What is "Curriculum Evaluation"? Why Evaluate? Who is involved? Is there a procedure to follow?


District Research

  • End of the semester is quickly coming - Be Prepared with your assignments!
  • Current Events
  • Supplemental Articles - Curriculum Evaluation and Student Assessment