Week 5 - Lab Session #1
You are a subject area (MS/HS) or grade level (El Ed) supervisor. Find and evaluate 5 websites that you would use with your department or grade level to help professionally develop and support your staff on the revised taxonomy of educational objectives (Anderson and Kratwohl, 2001). To help, use the following criteria to help sift, filter, and sort through the large number resources available:
  • Does the site allow for two-way communication, such as a blog or wiki format?
  • Is the last post or entry on the website recent?
  • Who is the author? Is the site from an individual, a group of educators, a business, or an organization?
  • How relevant and useful is the information? Would you be able to get ideas for using this site in a department meeting? Would your teaching staff be able to use the information in their professional practice?
  • Who is the site targeted for?
  • Is there an RSS tag? If so, would you subscribe to it? Would you make it part of your PLN?

Write a short review for each site that includes the following:
  • Brief overview of the site and why you chose it.
  • As a supervisor, how would you use this site to professionally develop teachers on the newly revised taxonomy of educational objectives?
  • As a supervisor, how does this site help provide teachers with practices about classroom assessment that are linked to the taxonomy? If it doesn’t directly address assessment, how would you extend the content to include classroom assessment strategies (either formative or summative) that could be taken back into the classroom?
  • How does the site lend itself to professional collaboration?

I have recently bookmarked several resources that can be used for research or possible resources in Diigo. Please note that each site counts once (multiple pages from the same site only count as one resource). Your research will be compiled and published via the course wiki.


Published Work

Current Events Article Review

  • Classroom Assessment (title this document CA_lastname, and share using Google Docs)
  • Final Project Proposal (title this document FPP_lastname, and share using Google Docs)
  • Blog Reflection
  • Read pages 482 - 503