Lab 1

Bloom's Taxonomy
This site reveals the revision to the terms used in Bloom's taxonomy. This site puts the levels in terms educators can understand when approaching learning objectives. Example:
Remember: Describe where Goldilocks lived.
Understand: Summarize what the Goldilocks story was about.
Apply: Construct a theory as to why Goldilocks went into the house.
Analyze: Differentiate between how Goldilocks reacted and how you would react in each story event.
Evaluate: Assess whether or not you think this really happened to Goldilocks.
Create: Compose a song, skit, poem, or rap to convey the Goldilocks story in a new form.
Teachers can use this site as a quick reference and review of the terns of Bloom's taxonomy.

State of New Jersey Department of Education
If educators do not already visit this site often, it is clear that they should with all of the changes happening in education today. There are also valuable resources and information for students and parents including policies, laws, and school report cards. This site is up-to-date and accurate and a valuable resource for all. Most importantly for educators, this site contains the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards we all must follow.

Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies
This is a valuable resource for reaching today's students. It is clear they are using technology and networking everyday. If educators can be as knowledgable about these resources as their students, classrooms will truly be in the 21st century.

Building 21st Century Skills
This site is provides a framework for teaching and learning 21st Century skills. It also provides links to other valuable resources for all curriculums. The focus is on General 21st Century Skills Resources (this includes curriculum and instruction examples, policy guidelines, general reports, etc); Professional Development; Formative Assessment Resources; and Standards. It requires a free log in for educators to view and contribute resources through community features.

Educational orgami
This site focuses on 21st Century teaching and learning including updated resources, definitions, and news threads. The table of content includes Bloom's Taxonomy, learning styles, change, and other tools. This is a valuable resource for all teachers new and veteran to keep track of changes in education.